Ladurée Soho


398 West Broadway, New York, NY


Ladurée, Elizabeth Holden Raberin & Pierre-Antoine Raberin



World-renowned French luxury sweets maker Ladurée was looking to build a second larger shop in a chic downtown NY neighborhood, and turned to MG & Company to manage and execute the construction of the high end interior design. With MG & Company’s expertise and resources for fine finishing, the interior design’s meticulously detailed interior came to life, evoking the spirit of a fine Parisian patisserie in the middle of a bustling Soho street. The new shop, which serves as the brand’s flagship, boasts a tea salon, full service restaurant and bar, a garden dining area with spring-blooming cherry blossoms, and a highly precise pastry “laboratory” in the cellar, which has become Ladurée’s proving ground for new and delicate delights. Imported French antiques envelop all of these spaces, alongside local hand crafted woodwork and artisanal murals by local artists. MG & Company provided extensive pre-construction services, focusing on sourcing local material and labor where possible to maintain the integrity of the impeccable French design while supporting local businesses.