324 Lafayette Street, New York, NY


Laurence Kretchmer & Bobby Flay


Rockwell Group

Gato is the first new restaurant by celebrity chef Bobby Flay and business partner Laurence Kretchmer in nearly a decade, and opened its doors to hungry foodies in March of this year to rave reviews of both the food and the interiors. With a long-standing relationship building projects for Flay and Kretchmer and with architect Rockwell Group, MG & Company was again pre-selected as the contractor for Gato. With a team reunited, the project kicked off like a well-oiled machine. Communication flowed easily with a dynamic that was conducive to many pre-construction meetings both in the office and on-site, facilitating a critical meeting of the minds between design intent, building trades, procurement of materials from around the world, and construction management that ensured the resulting built space flawlessly matched the architect’s plans.