Mark Goldberg


Mark Goldberg is President and CEO of MG & Company, which he founded in 2004. A native New Yorker, Mark began his career in 1983 working for the New York Land Company to oversee the mechanical and lobby renovations of the Crown Building on 57th Street and Fifth Avenue. In 1985 he moved to the Riese Organization where he spent three years building fast food restaurants. Starting in 1989 and in the 15 years that followed Mark partnered with Rick Weisfeld to grow Bronx Builders, a construction company that since 1915 has worked exclusively in the food industry.

Mark is a former board member of the Goddard Riverside Community Center and a current trustee at The Windward School in Harrison, New York where he serves on the Real Estate and Buildings and Grounds committees. He is also the Board Chair of Footsteps, an organization devoted to supporting young adults raised in ultra- orthodox communities who are seeking to explore the world outside of the communities in which they grew up. Mark lives in New York City and is the father of two boys. He holds a B.A. in English Literature from CUNY.